lundi 5 octobre 2009

Gluon First technical preview

Today I invite you to test the first technical preview of gluon. Currently there is some bug and a lot of feature are missing, particulary the documentation. Leinir has start to develop Gluon creator and we plan to finish it during the qt sprint in munich this week end.
So, if you want to install this library to have a preview, go here :

Here you can test a game preview called block..or blok.. we didn't decide it...!

And just for eyes, some screenshot and video :

There is no sound on the video because I cannot record it with gtk recordmydesktop... :( ! But if you test it, you will !
Here the video :

More information , look on our wiki :

3 commentaires:

Harley a dit…

Awesome, I've been following git since I heard about the project (even made a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux's AUR.) So it's good to hear that it's finally getting to a point where people can and should start testing out the API (I haven't done anything myself yet, but that's more lack of time.) Anyways, I'll keep pulling and watching it progress :)

mutlu_inek a dit…

This looks really great! It is amazing how fast it is coming along. We can really see it taking shape in git. :)

I am sure it will become a very important part of KDE gaming. And I am looking forward to the first games taking advantage of it. Cool stuff!

Sam a dit…

The best way to screencap is Kdenlive.

The capture option can use recordyadayada to record desktop video and sound.